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“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

Marianne Williamsen

The Rainbow Shakti, a course in self-in-volvement 

"What you seek is seeking you"

This is a course of 7 x 6ฝ hour sessions, every 7 weeks from September 2018 until June 2019, intentionally spread out to give you the time to absorb and practice the content of the teachings.

There is nothing more exciting than getting to know our "true Self", The Goddess within!
As we know from our class experiences, one of the best ways to gain knowledge about ourselves is through the practice of yoga, yet often a lack of "yogic tools" mean that our home practice is slow, uninspired or non-existant.

This course has been designed to ignite your home practice and inspire you to incorporate more yoga into your daily life, to live from the heart and recognise the Goddess within.
In each session we will practice a particular mantra, flow, and meditation, pertaining to one of the chakras, one of the elements and one of the Hindu Goddesses. We will learn about the workings and philosophy of our chakra system, the elements and the many faces of The Goddess. Each course day will be accompanied by a playlist, self-exploratory exercises and suggestions for embodiment. An on-line circle of fellow students will support your practice.

This course will include:

  1. 7 full days of circle teaching
  2. playlists on spotify for mantra and movement practice
  3. group support with facebook group/page

For more info or enquiries write to me at

  • Dates: September 23rd - November 4th - December 16th - January 27th - March 17th - April 28th and June 15th.

A review from the previous course:

For me this course was like taking a "trip" through my body and psyche with 7 pit-stops along the way! Every 6 weeks we zoom into one of the chakras which leads me to learn more about my self. My emotions take on another dimension, insight and clarity are apparent in certain situations and I notice that I am reacting differently than usual, in a positive way of course.
Every lesson day brings a new altar which has been designed and set up by two of my yoga-sisters. The energy of the group feels like "coming home". The course days are different each time and an example of what you can expect: Meditation, asana, chanting, playing, philosophy, dancing, fighting, enjoying each others culinary gifts, craziness and being there for each other.
A course is not a course if there is no homework! Jacqui challenges you to make an altar for the chakras. She also motivates you to get on the mat at home to move, chant, meditate or get more involved in the subject.
For me it is great that I can do this in my own way and at my own tempo in a comfortable and safe environment.

Thank you Jacqui that you have made it possible to go deeper within.


I totally appreciate that some people aren't able to pay all at once
and that's why I will offer different ways to pay:
  1. €725 if paid in full before 30th July
  2. €797 if paid in full before 30th August
  3. deposit €200 before 30th July and 2 payments of €305 (to be determined when)
  4. deposit €200 before 30th July and 5 payments of €125 (to be determined when)
  5. I WILL OFFER YOU €75 discount if you have done the course before!!

Your place is guaranteed after payment of a deposit.